The Future of Work is Neurodiversity.


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myAccessHub Autism Accessibility

Sensory Environment Assessment

We assess the sensory environment of your business as per the standards we have created through Research. We compile a report & deliver recommendations on how your business can improve.

myAccessHub Autism Accessibility

Access to our Online Platform.

Our Online Platform educates your workforce in the area of Neurodiversity. These modules are delivered through Animated Videos to your employees. This helps to improve the Neurodiversity Awareness within your Workplace.

myAccessHub Autism Accessibility

Annual Membership

Annual Education in this area is very important to strengthen the Inclusive Culture within your workplace.

myAccessHub Autism Accessibility

Benefits of Accessibility

Making your Workplace more Accessible can result in.

Attraction of Highly Skilled Personnel into your Organization

myAccessHub Autism Accessibility

Increased Retention of your existing Skilled Personnel

myAccessHub Autism Accessibility

Increased Employee Experience

myAccessHub Autism Accessibility

Legal Compliance through Reasonable Accommodations

myAccessHub Autism Accessibility
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Currently 1 in 68 people have Autism Worldwide. This is rising by 10% - 17% per year.

Our Team


Miriam O'Sullivan


Miriam developed the Programme & Standards after completing her Masters in Autism from IT Tralee. Miriam has over 10 years experience working with Adults and Children with Autism.


Gearoid Kearney


Gearoid developed alvrCloud after completing a degree in Computer Science from IT Tralee. Gearoid is developing the 360 VR & Animation Content for the Programme.


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