Autism Accessibility in Hospitality

Autism Accessibility

myAccessHub will support and empower you to increase your Autism accessibility through Assessment of your Environment and Training of your staff.

myAccessHub Autism Accessibility in Hospitality

Benefits of myAccessHub

Through engaging with myAccessHub you can help reduce these barriers and anxieties for people with Autism. Engaging with myAccessHub and increasing your accessibility for people with Autism can result in obtaining a customer base that are loyal. Increasing accessibility is not only of benefit to people with Autism and their families it also brings great benefits to businesses. Some of the benefits experienced by businesses include:

- Increased Customer Base.
- Loyalty from Customers.
- Increased Revenue.
- Positive perception amongst the public.

myAccessHub Autism Accessibility in Hospitality

Our Services

In order to increase Autism accessibility within your business and experience the above benefits you can enlist the support of myAccessHub. myAccessHub offers assessment and training services that increases your accessibility for people with Autism. myAccessHub can provide you with intensive hands on support to increase your accessibility if you require this service.

myAccessHub Autism Accessibility in Hospitality

Assessment Process

A consultant from myAccessHub will complete an assessment on your organisation/workplace to commence establishing how accessible the premises is to people with Autism. This assessment will take approximately one hour to complete. Prior to the assessment we will have forwarded you a set of standards which outline the areas we will assess. These standards have been developed in parallel with national and international best practices. Post assessment we disseminate a report which provides recommendations for future development.

myAccessHub Autism Accessibility in Hospitality

Our Training

Upon completion of the assessment phase we will then commence staff training. Training will be provided on site to managers; all other staff can be trained via our online training modules. Both onsite and online training takes approximately one hour thirty minutes to complete. If you wish for all staff to be trained on site we can accommodate this also. Staff will be certified for "Autism Awareness" upon completion of the course by myAccessHub.

myAccessHub Autism Accessibility in Hospitality

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myAccessHub Autism Accessibility